University of Alabama at Birmingham
Geriatric Education Center

Mission Statement: Promoting Interdisciplinary Healthcare Quality and Person Centered Care for Advanced or Chronic Illness

Logo: Person-centered Care for Older Adults

Overview of the UAB GEC

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Geriatric Education Center (UAB GEC) focuses on improving health care quality for older adults by training health professionals in the following Institute of Medicine identified priority areas: advanced illness, frailty, care coordination, symptom management, medication management, ethnogeriatrics, and health literacy/self management.

Comprehensive interdisciplinary training to health professionals by:

  1. Training and retraining of faculty and preceptors
  2. Development and dissemination of interdisciplinary curricula
  3. Provision of continuing education for health professionals
  4. Enhancement of geriatric interdisciplinary clinical training opportunities for students

By incorporating this interdisciplinary curriculum and culturally informed advanced illness management will improve the quality of geriatric health care in Alabama.